Why fiberglass replacement windows are better than vinyl replacement windows?


Colorado’s extreme climate is harsh on many things exposed to our elements, especially replacement windows. Our high altitude, irregular temperatures, and extreme exposure to ultraviolet light have all proven to be damaging to many replacement window materials. There are many reasons as to why fiberglass replacement windows are better quality than vinyl, but we’ll spare you all of them and tell you about the big ones!

Fiberglass replacement windows have many advantages; however, the strength of a fiberglass replacement window in comparison to a vinyl is by far the most important advantage. One may not think that the strength of a replacement window is a big issue. After all, after the window is secured in place, the strength comes from the surrounding building materials. The real issue is how the window expands and contracts. Wood and vinyl replacement windows expand and contract with climate changes. You don’t need us to tell you about Colorado’s wacky weather! It’s December and it’s still 60 degrees out! You never know. We might get 3 feet of snow tomorrow. In any case, fiberglass windows have less chances of warping. In fact, fiberglass replacement windows are eight times stronger than vinyl. Yes, you read that correctly: EIGHT TIMES STRONGER!

Because fiberglass replacement windows can stand up to Colorado’s weather, they will continue to look beautiful and perform much longer than vinyl or wood windows. Vinyl will show its age in the form of spots, streaks, and cracks. You will never have to sand, scrape, or paint the fiberglass. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass frame windows can be painted if you would like. At the same time, unlike wood windows, you do not HAVE to paint fiberglass windows. The result is a replacement window that will stand the tests of time.

And last but not least, fiberglass replacement windows are more “green” than vinyl replacement windows. With the cost of energy on the rise, it is important to have a window that meets the highest energy standards. Your windows may be losing up to 40% heating energy during the winter and 50% cooling energy during the summer-obviously not the most energy efficient. With fiberglass replacement windows, customers can expect their energy bills to be reduced by up to 50%. Fiberglass is the more environmentally friendly material as well. Fiberglass replacement windows are made with about 60% glass. And glass can be recycled. With fiberglass windows, you’re saving money on energy bills while saving the environment. It’s a win-win!


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Every day, for over 35 years, Gravina's Window Center, has taken the time to build long-term relationships by helping their customers renovate their homes with the highest quality products and services. Gravina's Window Center is committed to providing their customers the highest quality replacement windows and doors through the use of an experienced sales staff, skilled craftsmen and courteous personnel. By providing fiberglass replacement windows to the front range area, Gravina's Window Center has set the standard in customer satisfaction only a third generation family business can.

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