Ratings for Doors and Windows

Ratings for Doors and Windows – End-consumers need to be given the opportunity to know the difference between windows and make their own decisions.

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Windows Can Help Make a House Hushed and Healthy

Windows Can Help Make a House Hushed and Healthy – The first step in sealing yourself off from the constant torrent of street noise is to plug the leaks. Windows are probably the biggest culprit, and particularly the old window sash and frames. Old or poor quality windows will do little to buffer you from the sounds of the street

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A Sustainable Water Treatment Facility for Portland by Skylab Architecture

Seven concrete fins provide a green roof that collects rainwater at this new engineering facility for a wastewater treatment plant in Portland, Oregon.

The new single-storey building was oriented along the path of the sun featuring seven folded cast-in-place concrete roof forms that channel storm water sustainably through the eco-roof. The storm water then drains along the berms into a visible storm water collection system leading back to the Columbia Slough.

As an intentional demonstration, the building and its immediate landscape employ signage and educational elements to celebrate the Columbia Slough ecosystem where the project is located as well as share information about the regional watershed. Inspired by the native landscape and its industrial past, the building is an elegant combination of landform, indigenous planting, formal geometry, and durable construction systems that support staff and the public interface.

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